Fiber Network Technician

The Fiber Network Technician sets up cable, internet, telephone and other telecommunications equipment for multiple service providers. They often service businesses, schools, homes and other locations. Technicians maintain and fix cable installations as needed to keep them in working condition.Fiber technicians install and repair the cable lines that transmit television and internet data for a private and public use. Due to the requirements and duties of the position, these technicians are often referred to as fiber network technicians and fiber optic network technicians.

Fiber networks, mission-critical technology, utilize thread and glass as a means of transmitting data. Optical fiber offers a much larger digital data transmission capacity than metal cables. At times, Fiber technicians work at a customer designated location. They work in an array of buildings, from small to multi-story office buildings. Large telecom companies that provide highly specialized backbone network services often hire these technicians.

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